The shown product visualisation is only an example. Please note that some combinations may not be final UK specification.
Sovereign Silver
Summit White
Mineral Black
Velvet Red
Royal Blue
Quantum Grey
Boracay Blue
Amber Orange
Abalone White
Lava Red
19" Alloy
19 x 7.5
Bright Silver, 5-double-spoke
18" Alloy
18 x 7.0
Sterling Silver, 10-spoke
18 x 7.0
Sterling Silver, 5-double-spoke
18 x 7.0
Bi-Color, 10-spoke
18 x 7.0
10-Spokes, High Gloss Black
17" Alloy
17 x 7.0
Sparkle Silver, 5-spoke
16" Steel
16 x 6.5
With Wheel Cover
Leather Jasmin, Morrocana, Jet Black
Fabric Milano, Jet Black
Leather "Jasmin"