The shown product visualisation is only an example. Please note that some combinations may not be final specification. Additional options are available on same models.
Roof Colours
Exterior Colours
Topaz Blue
Dark Ruby Red
Moonstone Grey
Pearl White
Amethyst Purple
Golden Sunstone
Diamond Black
Quartz Grey
White Jade
Jasper Grey
19" Alloy Wheel
7.5 J x 19
5-Twin-Spokes Design, Diamond Cut
18" Alloy Wheel
7.5 J x 18
5-Spokes Design, Diamond Cut
7.5 J x 18
5-Spokes Design, Silver
7.5 J x 18
Multi-Spokes Design, Silver
17" Alloy Wheel
7.0 J x 17
5-Twin-Spokes Design, Silver
Trim - Leather, Jet Black
Trim - Cloth / Vinyl ii, Light Interior
Trim - Cloth / Vinyl, Jet Black
Trim - Cloth Formula